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EXCLUSIVE: Nikita Rawal opens up on Raj Kundra’s case, says ‘It's definitely an ugly business’

Shilpa Shetty's husband Raj Kundra's arrest in the pornography case sent a shockwave down the country. Fans were surprised after getting to know this news. Mumbai Police has arrested the businessman, and he has been sent into judicial custody till July 23. Also, no involvement of Shilpa Shetty was found in this case till now. Many celebrities have spoken on this matter, and the recent name to get added to this list is actress Nikita Rawal.

Nikita Rawal openly expressed her opinion on Raj Kundra's case and said, "I had no idea if this was possible with someone like Raj. I am still looking for the judgement the court gives and hope justice prevails. I haven't ever worked with Raj, but it's unlikely for him to be involved with anything like this. It's definitely an ugly business. Let's the truth prevail is all I can say."

Recently, actress Gehana Vasishth too came out in support of Raj Kundra. She said, "I have a small request for everyone to not compare bold and erotica cinema with porn. Raj Kundra and I have been arrested for the same case; we have the same investigation going on. I know what was being made under Kundra's company. I have worked as a heroine in 3 films produced for Raj Kundra's app. He never forced me to do anything; I was paid according to my work and deserved work. I had no issues with the work or the payment I received."

For now, Raj Kundra and techie associate Ryan J. Tharp have been remanded to custody till July 23 by a Mumbai Magistrate Court.

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