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Raj Kundra earned in lakhs daily, adult film business grew during lockdown: Mumbai Crime Branch.

Ever since Raj Kundra's arrest, several details of how his business and companies operated the adult film racket have come to the fore. Citing the Mumbai Crime Branch, a Mid-Day report revealed that Kundra’s porn business flourished during the lockdown. According to Milind Bharambe, joint commissioner of police (crime), Kundra began this business only 18 months ago but it grew rapidly and he began earning in lakhs on a daily basis. Bharambe revealed that he forged a partnership with his UK-based brother-in-law Pradeep Bakshi's Kenrin Limited. 

Bharambe said, "As he cannot upload these videos from India on an app called Hotshot, he provided the content to a foreign platform by sending videos via WeTransfer. All content was created in his office and sent to a London-based company called, Kenrin Limited, owned by his brother-in-law, Pradeep Bakshi." 

Apart from the app named Hotshot, Kundra also had another backup planned incase this app got banned. It was termed as 'Plan B, Bollyfame'. The police stated that Kundra was aware that he was violating the law as the app Hotshot was banned from Google Playstore and Apple last year. The crime branch has recovered several WhatsApp chats that suggest Raj Kundra's Plan B Bollyfame and talks on removal of "bold" content from Hotshot. 

"The free to download app was yanked off by both Apple and Google Playstore for the type of its content. The Mumbai Police have recovered incriminating evidences like several HotShot films, video clips, WhatsApp chats, etc. during the investigation," Bharambe told a crowded media gathering on Tuesday.

As for his earnings, the growth of the business led to Raj Kundra earning in lakhs daily. While he initially earned Rs 2-3 lakh per day, the amount later increased to Rs 6-8 lakh daily. "Documents of financial transactions run into thousands. We are analysing the details to get exact earnings. The same will be treated as proceeds of crime. So far, we have frozen Rs 7.5 crore in various accounts,” Bharambe said.

During the press briefing, the police also revealed how new or aspiring actresses coming to Mumbai from all over India were lured with work offers in short films, web series and other movies. "They were called for auditions and after selection made to do bold scenes, which went onto semi-nude and then full-nude shoots. Some of them strongly opposed this and had approached the police," Bharambe said.

For now, Raj Kundra and techie associate Ryan J. Tharpe have been remanded to custody till 23 July by a Mumbai Magistrate Court. 

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Anonymous : Not surprised at all !!
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Anonymous : Guru Nanak da asheervad aa Raj Singh Kundra tey. He will come out of this.
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Anonymous : He works for underworld.
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Anonymous : This is such a worse thing to do, playing with new aspirants hopes, dreams by luring them to do illegal things to such extent
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Anonymous : How dirty these celebrities are, and Public goes mad for such kinda people.
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Anonymous : He is not a celebrity. He is a business man who happens to be husband of an actress.
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Anonymous : He was always creepy slithery....
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Anonymous : Saala tharki!
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