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Supriya Pathak says Shahid Kapoor is 'an integral part of the family'; Praises Mira Rajput's cooking skills

Actor Supriya Pathak has managed to win hearts with her recent stint in Farhan Akhtar and Mrunal Thakur starrer Toofaan. The prolific actress who has managed to impress audiences both on the big screen and small screen has been spending time with her family amid the pandemic. In a recent interaction with a daily, Supriya Pathak opened up about how her children Ruhaan and Sanah often discuss films with Pankaj Kapur and how their stepbrother Shahid Kapoor is a part of those interactions. Not just this, in the same chat, she even praised Mira Rajput. 

In a chat with Indian Express, Supriya Pathak shared that whenever there are discussions at home about films, her kids Sanah and Ruhaan take advice from Pankaj Kapur. She also shared that Shahid Kapoor is also a part of those discussions and that her kids Sanah and Ruhaan often are constantly around their stepbrother Shahid. She said, "Shahid is their (Sanah and Ruhaan) brother. He is their elder brother bhai! He is an integral part of the family. He is our main anchor. It is natural. They are siblings. So, they are constantly around each other. They are like any other siblings. We are a normal family."

Further, when Supriya Pathak was asked about Mira Rajput, she could not stop praising her cooking skills. She revealed that Mira makes 'amazing food' and proudly added that she has tasted her cooked food. She said, "She is a great cook.She makes lovely appam and stew and Khao Suey. So yes, I have tasted her haath ka khaana. But sadly, I don’t know how to click photos and I do not have an Instagram profile, so I cannot share with you guys. But she makes amazing food."

In the same chat, Supriya Pathak even spoke about Pankaj Kapur and called him her 'pillar of strength'. She expressed how the senior actor inspires, motivates and challenges her. As an actor too, Supriya added that she has learnt a lot from him. 

Meanwhile, Supriya's short but endearing act in Toofaan as a nurse and close one of Farhan's character impressed audiences and fans of the Khichdi star cannot wait to see more of her in upcoming projects. 

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