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Starring Jason Sudeikis, Ted Lasso Season 2 premieres on July 23.

We're just days away from the highly-awaited premiere of Ted Lasso Season 2, especially with how the first season was so well-received. For his outstanding performance, Jason Sudeikis deservedly took home a Golden Globe, a SAG Award and a Critics' Choice Television Award, with a possible Emmy win in the future as well. Before S2 drops, we'd like to get you reacquainted with all that went down in S1.

As a means of seeking revenge from her cheating ex-husband Rupert (Anthony Head), the recently divorced Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), as the new owner of AFC Richmond, a struggling English Premier League team, decides to hire the most incompetent coach to ruin the club. AFC Richmond is the only thing Rupert ever loved and hence, Rebecca recruits Ted Lasso, an American football coach from Kansas City (who led a Division 2 American football team Wichita State Shockers to winning a Division II National Collegiate Athletic Association Championship) with no knowledge of soccer. As he arrives in Richmond with his trusted assistant Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt), Ted, as expected, receives a lukewarm response from the team, who hates him.

best-free-live-tv-app-for-android,It's later found out that the reason why Ted took up the job was to give his wife Michelle (Andrea Anders) space amid a dwindling marriage. The couple shares a son Henry (Gus Turner). Ted attempts to bond with the players and management on his first day as AFC Richmond coach. Trying to get chummy with Rebecca, who is against getting acquainted in the slightest, Ted wows her with his delicious shortbread as a present, which he baked himself. Rebecca, in turn, becomes obsessed with the biscuits. Ted also finds out that the rivalry within AFC Richmond is between the ageing and always angry Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) and the young and egomaniac Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster). Seeking advice on how to get through Jamie, Ted speaks with girlfriend Keeley (Juno Temple) who suggests praising as a tactic, which is implemented. In her bid to ruin the club, Rebecca gets her hands on a tabloid photo of Ted and Keeley, with the misinterpretation of the two being intimate, as a ruse to anger Jamie.

While Rebecca imminently stops the publication of the photos on a tabloid with the fear of it being traced back to her, in return, she has Ted spend the day with the curt reporter Trent Crimm (James Lance), who questions Lasso as to why he threw a birthday party for Sam (Toheeb Jimoh), a player who was homesick for Nigeria, just after the team lost a match. Ted states in return that he's not concerned with wins and losses. Trent also finds out that it was Nate, the kit man, who came up with Ted's new play. Ted, Roy and Trent even visit a local school in an event in an attempt to win over the children. Inviting Trent to a restaurant that was owned by the driver who picked him up at the airport, Ted eats Indian food, which he hasn't before. In spite of the food being spicy, Ted eats it all to be polite. Nevertheless, Ted's charismatic personality wins over Trent and a positive profile piece titled "Lasso Way" is published, which in turn angers Rebecca. As for Roy, he reluctantly confronts Jamie and other players, who have been bullying Nate.,betrally-india

After losing again, Roy and Jamie butt heads even more while Rebecca finds out that Robbie Williams cancelled on her annual charity ball at the last moment. While Rebecca relies on her trusted confidante Higgins (Jeremy Swift), Director of Football Operations, to find another musical act at such short notice, Roy and Jamie's fights anger Keeley. Ted deduces that it was the returning Rupert, running the auction, who was responsible for Robbie cancelling as an attempt to embarrass his ex-wife. Rebecca bonds with Keeley, while convincing her to break up with Jamie, who in turn makes up with Roy as the two resolve to never fight again. The fact that Rupert donated 1 million pounds to the charity event to look better than her, Rebecca gets drunk with Keeley and the duo ride in a rickshaw together. Saving the day was Ted, who helps Higgins by getting an unknown street performer to replace Robbie, who unexpectedly is a hit amongst the guests.

Michelle and Henry arrive in Richmond as the former confesses to Ted that her conflicted feelings about their relationship remains the same and eventually, Ted agrees that their marriage is not going to work out bidding them farewell. On the other hand, since Jamie refuses to pass to his teammates and scores alone, Ted benches him because fans and commentators start to believe that AFC Richmond solely relies on Jamie. As expected, fans are angered but the team get a 2-2 tie to win the match. After attending a promotion shoot organised by her for Jamie, Rebecca and Roy are concerned about Keeley wasting her time with Jamie, but Keeley reinstates that her relationship with Jamie is over.,basketball-pump-pressure

While struggling with the end of his marriage, Ted instead focuses on AFC Richmond's first win. Besides clashing with Ted, Jamie finds a new rival in Dani Rojas (Cristo Fernández) with the latter mysteriously getting injured. Ted is informed of ghosts who are haunting the treatment room and hence asks the team to sacrifice something that is special to them in order to lift the curse, which Jamie also partakes in, thanks to Keeley's inspirational words. Unfortunately, it's revealed that Jamie has returned to Manchester City as he was loaned to AFC Richmond only for the season.

On the other hand, Rebecca is deemed by the press as "Old Rebecca" after Rupert starts dating Bex, another Rebecca. After a drunken blowout with Nate due to his reluctance in signing the divorce papers, Ted apologises to him and the latter helps (with an inspiring yet insulting pre-game speech) AFC Richmond defeat their rivals, Everton, for the first time in 60 years, in Liverpool. On the other hand, Keeley tags along to cheer up Rebecca as the match takes place in the same week as her and Rupert's wedding anniversary. The duo meets Rebecca's old friend Flo aka Sassy (Ellie Taylor), who takes an immediate liking for Ted. To celebrate their big win, the team goes to a karaoke bar and Rebecca's gorgeous voice take center stage. While trying to enjoy himself, Ted suffers from a panic attack and leaves, finding comfort from Rebecca before Flo visits his hotel room. As for Keeley, she gets a kiss from Roy, who promptly leaves.,match-de-soccer-live

We see the creation of the Diamond Dogs squad which is basically Ted, Beard, Nate and Higgins. The foursome tackle Ted's troubles with Flo as well as Roy's conflicting feelings about Keeley. Keeley confides to Roy that she slept with Jamie and after his talk with the Diamond Dogs, he goes after Keeley. As barter for helping him during his first panic attack, Ted offers to be by her side and assist when Rebbeca meets the other team owners at a pub. Blindsided by her ex-husband, Rupert threatens to attend every AFC Richmond game and criticise her handling of the team. Ted then makes a wager with Rupert, playing a game of darts, which he wins much to Rebecca's delight. Roy and Keeley's kiss is caught on camera by a paparazzi and Roy steals the memory card of the paparazzo. Higgins, who earlier helps in the plotting of AFC Richmond's fall but eventually becomes Team Ted, is upset at Rebecca and quits while Keeley realises Rebecca's plans to ruin the team and threatens to inform Ted.,paytm-withdraw

basketball-shorts-online,Rebecca stalls telling Ted, even after Keeley's prompting, about her initial plans to ruin the club but after finding out that Rupert is having a baby with Bex, she tells him the truth. Ted easily forgives Rebecca. Rebecca then seeks forgiveness from Higgins as well and the latter returns to the club. As for Roy, his age is catching up to him with demands to bench him which Ted refuses, thus alienating himself from the others. However, Ted eventually benches Roy, who is angered and finds solace in Keeley, who reminds him that Roy is much more than just a footballer. At the bar, when Ted states yet again that he's not concerned about wins, Coach Beard claps back at him exclaiming that winning is important to him and the players. Ted encounters Roy outside a bar and the two have a chat with Roy admitting his age. The two agree that they'll claim Roy has an injury so as not to embarrass him with a benching. However, the next day, Ted is surprised as Roy shows up donning a second-team pinny and accepting his new role. However, Roy still leads the team as they approach their last match.

china-table-tennis-olympic-team-2021,In good news, Nate is promoted to coach, who shows the team an inspirational video interview of Jamie. However, when Jamie insults the team, they refuse to watch it. Having a change of heart, Rebecca inspires Ted to confuse Manchester City by causing chaos on the pitch during their match. While Manchester City leads at halftime with 1-0, AFC Richmond has a trick play-set piece up its sleeve and ties the match. However, Jamie's extra pass to a teammate, who scores another goal leads to Manchester City's victory. Heartbroken over the result and relegations, Ted tries to cheer the team with the advice he had given Sam earlier in the season of how they will get through it together. Coach Beard gives Jamie an envelope from Ted which includes a congratulatory letter for his extra pass as well as a toy soldier to look after him. This was after seeing Jamie's father berate him for not scoring. Ted attempts to resign during his meeting with Rebecca the morning after Richmond's loss against Manchester City. However, Rebecca convinces Ted to stay as the duo decides that they will win promotion next season together and then go on to win the Premier League once they're back.

Now, you're all caught up when it comes to Ted Lasso Season 1!

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Meanwhile, Ted Lasso Season 2  premieres on July 23.

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