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Back foot shots:- Back Foot Drive Back Foot Defence Square Cut Pull Shot Hook Shot Back Foot Leg Glance Uppercut

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How to tackle the field placements? In cricket, the type of shot a batsman plays depends on the line and length of the ball. Some of the most common cricket shots are the drives, cuts, glances, pulls, hooks, or sweeps. In modern cricket, innovative shots like switch hit, scoops, or reverse sweep are also quite common.

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List of Cricket Shots Names Helicopter Shot –. The Numero Ano position for the most innovative cricket shots is held by the helicopter shot invented... Switch Hit –. Another innovative cricket shot played by England batsman Kevin Pietersen was the switch hit. To play this... Dilscoop –. Dilscoop was ...

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Top 5 Classic Shots In Cricket You Must Try 1) Cover Drive. Drives are easily the most elegant cricketing shots in the book. The control, poise and placement... 2) Straight Drive. A shot is termed as a drive if it is struck by swinging the bat in the line of the ball as a vertical... 3) Cut. The ...

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Shots in batting, range from the square cut, hook, off-drive, pull to the sweep and the leg-glance etc. The different types of shots a batsman can play are as follows: Michael Clarke defence a good ball Block

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A sweep is a cross-batted shot played to a low bouncing and turning ball whereas a paddle sweep shot is a sweep shot in which the ball is deflected towards fine leg with a stationary or near-stationary bat extended horizontally towards the bowler. AB de Villiers hits fast bowlers behind the wicket with this shot.

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Cricket shots. Cut. A batting player (David Owen, Woore CC, 2004) plays a cut off the back foot. Note the balance and weight of the batting player is on their back ... Square drive. Pull and hook. Sweep. A left-handed player plays a sweep shot. A sweep is a cross-batted front foot shot played to a ...

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Different Types Of Bowling in Cricket: Variations (Types of spin bowling and fast bowling) 1. Fast Bowling: Bouncer: Outswinger: Inswingers: Reverse Swing: Leg and Off Cutter: Yorker: Slower Ball: 2. Spin Bowling: Leg Break and Off Break: Googly (Leg Spinner) Doosra (Off Spinner) Top spinner (Leg and Off Spin bowling) Carrom Ball (Off Spin bowling) Slider (Leg Spinner)

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He has the ability to hit any kind of ball to any part of the ground. A blend of orthodox shots and unorthodox shots- this is how you define this man.

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PULL: A cross-batted shot played to a ball around waist height by swinging the bat horizontally towards mid-wicket or square leg. HOOK: A horizontal bat shot against a rising ball. LEG GLANCE: A ...