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1) Pickleball Pickleball is a fun game played on a badminton-sized court with a modified tennis net. It can be played... 2) Pop Tennis POP Tennis is a twist on classic tennis gaining popularity across the US and around the world. It’s played... 3) Racquetball

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The first variation of the game is played with the coach on one side of the net and the kids on the other. Each side takes a turn tossing the ball to the other side keeping it inside the bounds. Each ball that remains in bounds gets placed on a cone and the side who gets the first 5 balls on the cones wins the game.

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25 Fun Tennis Games to use at camps or coaching sessions. You can view longer versions of each game with description on my YouTube channel or on my website h...

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Beach Tennis combines elements from Tennis and Volleyball games. As its name denotes, it needs to be played at a beach. There are actually two variants to this sport – Beach Tennis and Beach Tennis USA. The former is played using a paddle racquet while the latter requires a racquet and a Tennis ball and it follows the rules of beach volleyball.

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You can also enjoy classic variations, such as badminton and beach tennis. You don’t need an expensive video game controller to play our tennis games. Just use your keyboard to move your character around, and use other keys or the mouse to make shots. Control your shot and serve power, and even put spin on the ball!

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Table Tennis Game Variations For at least 2 Players 1. Table tennis only in reverse. The serve remains unchanged in this variation. But then it gets interesting: instead of... 2. Ping Pong. Ping pong is in fact not the same as table tennis but of course, both terms are often used interchangeably... ...

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Games can be played to 7 or 11 points with teams switching sides of the court after each game. One side serves the entire game. All serves are from the deuce court. Variations: Points can begin with a drop-hit, serve, or feed from the coach. #6 - All Position Doubles A minimum of 8 players is needed for this game.

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Singles Games One Ball Live. At least eight players are needed for this game. Two players start on the baseline, the back line of the... Tag Team Singles. This game format can also be used when the number of players drops to 4 in the game "Around the World". Relay or Tag Tennis. Relay / Tag Tennis ...

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