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Instructions 1. Coach tosses a ball to receiving side who plays the ball. 2. With so many blockers (6) chances are the return will be blocked. 3. Receiving side covers the hitters and passes up the blocked ball.

Switch The Court: A Volleyball Drill for Block Coverage

Run this advanced volleyball drill with high school and club teams who need to work on their block coverage! Players will get a ton of reps working on covering the block and will feel confident handling a block in a match. As always, be sure to warn players to keep an eye out for balls rolling on the court to avoid injury, and if using boxes warn your athletes to be aware of any balls crossing the net.

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Volleyball Blocking Drills - Strength and Power Volleyball

Volleyball Blocking Drills. Block Jump to Ball - Volleyball Blocking Drills. This volleyball drill consists of a player doing a block jump up to a ball that another player is ... Mirror Blocking - Volleyball Blocking Drills. Jousting Drill - Volleyball Blocking Drills. Block Hitter on Box, Line, ...

Cover your hitter drill - The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Follow. Covering the block is one of the important little things that great volleyball players do every single time. When you’re well-positioned to bring a ball up after your teammate has been blocked, it can lead to many extra point opportunities during the course of a match. Here, Austin Juniors demonstrates a fun and useful coverage drill. The receiving team only gets points for tooling the block – and the tool can’t be playable on the other side of the net – or by covering a ...

Volleyball Coverage Drill - Russ Rose - YouTube

Russ Rose explains a drill that helps teams work on their coverage after a blocked ball.For more free videos about volleyball drills, skill training, practic...

5 Volleyball Blocking Drills to Teach Perfect Timing ...

5 Volleyball Blocking Drills to Teach Perfect Timing 1. Block, Reset, Fall Back. A middle blocker will execute a block and immediately land, reset, and then fall back to... 2. Watch the Hitter. A ball is tossed from behind the blocker to a hitter on the opposite side of the court. The blocker... 3. ...

Hitter Coverage Drill | ACTIVE

How the Drill Works. The coach tosses a ball to the serve receive side who plays out the ball, with so many blockers chances are the ball will be blocked, making sure that the defensive players cover their hitters well. If the blocked ball is picked up, lay it out. If the ball is blocked, the coach who is now standing behind the blocker who made the block, immediately tosses over another ball to be covered as though it has been blocked.

Coverage drill for the importance of covering the hitter ...

Coverage drill for the importance of covering the hitter. Purpose: Teach players to cover the ball after it's attacked. How it Works: 6 players are on the court. A coach initiates a ball into the court and the players play out the ball. Right after the ball is attacked by a hitter, the corresponding "hitter" on the other side of the net tosses a short ball into the court.

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