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Common Bush-crickets and Grasshoppers

Dark bush-cricket Pholidoptera griseoaptera - hedges - brambles - woodland • dark brown and black • song: short chirps at intervals; set bat detector to c. 22kHz: Long-winged conehead Conocephalus discolor - long grass - reeds • green body • song: a faint continuous “chuffing”, best heard with a bat detector set to about 30kHz: Speckled bush-cricket Leptophyes punctatissima

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Bush crickets can be distinguished from grasshoppers by their larger body size (up to 5 cm in length) and their very long antennae. Females have a distinctive sword-like ovipositor at the tip of the abdomen which they use for laying eggs inside vegetation. Bush crickets stridulate by rubbing their wings together. Crickets have their ‘ears’ on their front legs.

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Identification - British Bush-crickets By - Paul Sterry Despite their comparatively large size and attractive markings, bush-crickets were, until recently, largely overlooked as a group.

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Both have powerful hind legs for jumping though bush-crickets are less proficient, and both produce species specific musical performances. Fast Facts. Latin name: Pholidoptera griseoaptera. Notable feature: Dark brown with short wings and long legs and antennae. Rarity in the UK: Rare / Common.

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Bush-cricket identification In this section, we provide some spectrograms of full-spectrum recordings of bush-crickets. An example recording of each species can be played to hear what different species sound like, and a larger sample of recordings can be downloaded.

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Grasshoppers & Crickets. All images on this website have been taken in Leicestershire and Rutland by NatureSpot members. We welcome new contributions - just register and use the Submit Records form to post your photos. Click on any image below to visit the species page.

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Speckled Bush-cricket Lectophyes punctatissima Identification 10-20 mm long (<10 mm ovipositor). Bright green, minutely speckled with black dots. Females’ ovipositor short and sharply curved. Song Very weak high-pitched repeated chirp, almost inaudible to human ear. Best heard with a bat detector. Habitat

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These are daytime insects, unlike many crickets, but they are rare and are only found in the south of England. House Cricket (Acheta domesticus). Bush-crickets (Tettigoniidae) There are ten British species of bush-cricket, only 5 of which can fly. The Great Green Bush-cricket (Tettigonia viridissima) can fly very well. Bush-crickets tend to become active in late afternoon and continue singing late into the night.


Bog Bush-cricket Metrioptera brachyptera True crickets - Orthoptera: Gryllidae The only species found in the 3 counties is House-cricket Acheta domesticus. Pale fawn, with variable dark brown markings on head, thorax, hind thighs and wings. Adults long winged. Total length 14-20mm. Lives