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History of Volleyball 1895: William G. Morgan (1870-1942) created the game of volleyball but called the game Mintonette. 1896: The first exhibition match of volleyball is played at Springfield College (called International YMCA Training... 1900: A special ball was designed for the sport. 1916: In ...

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Volleyball History in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. An outline of American volleyball history for the last 50 years. From the first Olympics in the early 60s to the three beach volleyball Olympic gold medals won by Misty and Kerri, travel this timeline for a glimpse of significant events throughout volleyball history.

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1917: Games their was certain amount of point you can score before a set over and their amouth of set to win before game over/ Their was changed from 21 to 15 points. there are unconfirmed whispers of men’s teams plays volleyball. the first Volleyball courts are put up on the beach at the Playground.

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Cuba discovers “6 Volleyball” in 1906, thanks to a North American army officer, Agusto York, who takes part in the second military intervention on the Caribbean island. 1907 Volleyball was presented at the Playground of America convention as one of the most popular sports. 1908 Volleyball reaches Japan.

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William G. Morgan (1870-1942), who was born in the State of New York, has gone down in history as the inventor of the game of volleyball, to which he originally gave the name "Mintonette". The young Morgan carried out his undergraduate studies at the Springfield College of the YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) where he met James Naismith ...

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The First Rules written down by William G Morgan, called for a net 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m) high, a 25×50 ft (7.6×15.2 m) court, and any number of players.A match was composed of nine innings with three serves for each team.Hitting the ball into the net was considered a foul (with loss of the point or a side-out)

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The rise of volleyball: From humble beginnings to a global sport The global reach and rules. The coming years saw rules for the game being drawn up as volleyball continued to bank on... Establishment of an international body. April 1947 saw the establishment of the Federation Internationale de ...

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William Morgan invented volleyball in 1895 at the Holyoke, Massachusetts, YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) where he served as Director of Physical Education. Morgan originally called his new game of Volleyball, Mintonette. The name Volleyball came about after a demonstration game of the sport, when a spectator commented that the game involved much "volleying" and game was renamed Volleyball.