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In world rugby rules, a rugby field must be a minimum of 68m from touchline to touchline but ...

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There is a range of acceptable dimensions for a rugby union pitch: the length of the field of play can vary between 94-100m, whilst the width can range from 68-70m. As we touched on above, the in-goal area at either end can be between 6 and 22m in length.

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Players can score a try by placing the ball inside the in-goal area, and score a goal by aiming the ball through the opposing goal posts. Union Rugby Pitches have an overall length between 347.77’-472.44’ (106-144 m) and width of 223.1’-229.66’ (68-70 m) for a total area of 77,586-108,500 ft² (7208-10080 m²).

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Dimensions of the field of play. The field of play is no more than 100m long and 70m wide. Each in‑­goal is not longer than 22m.The distance from the goal line to the dead ball line is not less than 10m. The perimeter area or run‑­off is not less than 5m.

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A typical length is 100m for the field of play plus the depth of the ingoal areas at both ends of the field, say 10m each - total 120m. The width is typically 70m so the area = 120m x 70m = 8400 sq m. A full size pitch (22m ingoal) would be 144m x 70m = 10080 sq m. Rugby Posts. Dimensions include the posts - 5.6 metres wide.

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The field of play for rugby league measures 122 m by 68 m, while for rugby union, the field of play measures 144 m by 70 m. Both are bounded by the touchlines along the sides, and the dead ball lines along the shorter ends.

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Rugby Union Pitch Rules. Between 106m and 144m long by 68m to 70m wide. Distance between try-lines varies between 94m to 100m. Lines marking the dead-ball line, goal line, 22m line, 10m line, halfway line, 5m away from goal line and touchline and 15m away from touchline. In-goal area of 6m of 22m beyond each try line.

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The length of a rugby field are not to be greater than 144 meters long, including the Dead Ball Line. The width should not be greater than 70 meters.