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Soccer Science Fair Project: Air Pressure & Distance ...

Introduction. This soccer science fair project serves to acquaint students with basic information on how the amount of air in a soccer ball can affect the distance it travels when kicked with a consistent force. The greater the air pressure in the ball, the farther it will travel when a force is applied.

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Physics of soccer - Physics

For our physics of sports project we decided to analyze the physics of kicking a soccer ball. We needed to determine the force, velocity, acceleration, momentum, and impulse to find the physics of a penalty kick. This would help determine a goalies reaction time as well as the force and speed of a soccer ball.

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Soccer Kick - Physics

This makes the force, momentum, and work of the ball much greater with a running start as compared to a lesser distance of a running start. This makes the ball go farther in a less amount of time. Therefore, next time you're playin some soccer, get a bigger running start to kick the ball farther (if you want it to go farther).

Physics Of Soccer - Real World Physics Problems

The Physics Of Soccer – Kicking. Kicking is fundamental to soccer. It is informative to analyze a soccer kick using physics. The schematic below illustrates a kick in action. To analyze the kick we can treat it as an inelastic collision in one dimension, between soccer ball and foot.

The Physics behind Soccer Kicks | Davidson Institute of ...

The Physics behind Soccer Kicks. Soccer is a sport that requires speed, strength, endurance and strategy, but it seems that good ball control in soccer also requires a good grasp of physics. In this article, I will present a few basic laws in physics and show how these laws are reflected in soccer. Some of the facts may seem a bit trivial, but ...

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Sports Science Science Projects. (57 results) Top athletes and coaches use a whole lot of science and engineering to improve performance and increase the chances of winning. Technologies like better tennis rackets, sleeker running and swimming outfits, and aerodynamic soccer balls, mean that current athletes are breaking world records left and ...

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