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Remember to use the correct kick serve ball toss (to the left and back behind the body for a right). Move closer and closer to the fence seeing if you can still get the ball over the fence. Once you’ve practiced it consistently, return to the baseline and watch how much easier it is to clear the net.

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Obviously, then, when hitting the kick serve by rolling the ball on the strings on a parallel positioned racket, the ball toss must be pretty low or hit well after the ball has descended from the highest point of the toss. And, it seems that a toss that descends behind my head would be a good spot for executing a kick serve.

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The motion should have the shape of a fan, with a windshield wiper-like motion from left to right. During the toss, the racquet MUST stay down on the butt and the elbow MUST remain pointing to the sky until the last split second. Then the snap is executed as quickly as possible.

How to Hit a Kick Serve in Tennis: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Practice serving or in pairs until you master the topspin serve. Practice will lead to perfecting your kick serve. Get a bucket of balls and practice your kick serve 20, 50, or 100 times in a row. Then, ask a more experienced tennis player to watch you and give you some pointers. Try going out to the courts with a friend and practicing.

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You can practice your serve at home, even indoors, as long as you have a big enough space for you to drop your racket back, swing it up again, and to toss up the tennis ball. You only have to practice the technique if you have a small space, without actually hitting the ball.

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This will force you to brush the ball up instead of thinking of snapping the ball down. So when you are shorter, you have to think of a way to hit the ball up so that the ball can go over the net. With these two reasons, this tennis drill is super powerful when it comes to developing your kick serve and the toss.

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