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In tennis, a break is actually a break of serve. If you are serving and you lose the game, it means your opponent broke your serve. Your service game gives you an advantage because you are the one throwing the ball onto the court first and you can win points through aces, unreturned serves, or serve and volleys. England.

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You might have heard about ‘converting break points,’ or even ‘saving a break point,’ but what does this tennis term mean? When a player receiving a service game reaches the stage of being one point away from winning that game, they are said to have a ‘break point.’

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(Tennis) tennis Also called: service break or break of serve the act or instance of breaking an opponent's service 72. (Individual Sports, other than specified) one of the intervals in a sporting contest

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Break point: Point which, if won by the receiver, would result in a break of service; arises when the score is 30–40 or 40–ad. A double break point or two break points arises at 15–40; a triple break point or three break points arises at 0–40. Break: To win a game as the receiving player or team, thereby breaking serve. At high level of play the server is more likely to win a game, so breaks are often key moments of a match.

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Definition of break point. : a situation in tennis in which the receiving player can win the game by scoring the next point also : the point so scored.

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Break Point. break point. What Is The Definition Of Break Point In Tennis? 1. This is a point won by the receiver that breaks the serve of the opponent. A break point can potentially occur whenever the receiver is one point away from winning a game. When the score is 30-40, the receiver only has one chance to break the serve (the break point); the terms double break point and triple break point are used for scores of 15-40 and 0-40, respectively.

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SERVICE BREAK – A game won by the player/team receiving serve. SET – A scoring unit awarded to a player who or team that has won: (a) 6 or more games and has a two-game lead; or (b) 6 games and the tiebreak game when played at 6-all. SLICE – A shot that imparts backspin on the ball by hitting the ball with a high-to-low motion.

Tennis 101: The importance of the serve and the service-break

Tennis 101: The importance of the serve and the service-break. ... 6-1 scorelines in a set mean a double break. It’s very safe to add at this point that you’re being steamrollered.