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High School Tennis Drills | U.S. High School Tennis ...

Drills. Passing Shots. Producing and Playing Short Balls. Short, Crosscourt Return (+ Serve & Volley) Serve & Volley. Slice Approach Shots. Topspin Lob. Attacking Serve Returns. Smashing Overheads.

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Free High School Tennis Drills Split Decision. This drill is designed to help your players work on their split step and volley. Have your players stand... Nothing But Forehands. Having quick feet is crucial in tennis. The nothing-but-forehands drill helps your player improve... King and Queen of the ...

Tennis drills for High School - Tennis Review

High school tennis coaches sometimes struggle to find new tennis drills to do with their team. Players can get bored of doing the same drills over and over again. Boredom results in less intensity which leads to poor performance. For this reason, high school tennis coaches need to seek out new tennis drills to make practice more interesting and ...

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high school tennis, drills, practice plans. high school tennis, drills, practice plans. Breaking News. Free Self-Evaluation Download USHSTA Coaching Workbook

Template for High School Tennis Practice

Break out onto courts by Group Type and begin drills – Major Drill Segment #1: 1. Competitive Drill #1 -- (Group 1) Court 1 2. Developmental Drill #1 -- (Group 2) Courts 3 & 4 3. Coach fed Drill #1 -- (Group 3) Court 2 • Copy & paste (in the space marked below this paragraph) any of drills from respective lists in

High School Team Practice Plan - Find a Tennis Tournament

High School Team Practice Plan Theme of practice: Consistency from the baseline Athletic skill development, warm-up, fitness and conditioning (10 minutes) Dynamic warm-up Slow jog and skip around court area High knees Butt kicks Toe and heel walks Straight leg march Alternate toe touch Forward and backward hurdle

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Start with your players standing sideways to the net. For forehands place their opposite hand on the net and their front foot at the bottom of the net. For one-handed backhand players stand about a foot away from the net and for a two-handed backhand the front foot is at the bottom of the net.

12 Essential Tennis Drills For Beginners & Kids of All Ages

12 Essential Tennis Drills for Beginners & Kids. Warm-Up – Running the Lines. Before your students even begin to hit, I’ve always found it helpful to build some anticipation and get their blood ... The Frying Pan. The Dribble. Simple Forehands & Backhands. Ball Toss Forehands & Backhands.