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Bundesliga Schalke 04 draws Leverkusen's 13-round win against Paulinho

2021-12-03 09:54:07 Zhongshan Commercial Daily

The fire at the National Museum of Brazil is fierce

2021-12-03 09:54:07 West China Metropolis Daily

Peruvian winger returns, Colombia wants revenge

2021-12-03 09:54:07 Jiaxing Daily

AFC: Cancel the 2021 AFC Annual Awards Ceremony

2021-12-03 09:54:07 Liaoning North State Network

Friendlies Preview: Belgium vs Croatia

2021-12-03 09:54:07 Fujian Southeast News Network

Pakistan Preview: Sao Paulo VS Cuiaba

2021-12-03 09:54:07 Yangzi Evening News

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